It’s Time to go for a Leadership Position in Your Parent Association


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In many PTA’s throughout the land, it’s that time of year again….time to nominate the next year’s executive board. It’s also time to sign up for committees and leadership roles throughout the organization.

If you have already held a position on your PTA, then you know the value of participating as a leader in your parent association. If you haven’t, here are a few things to think about.

Taking a leadership position provides growth and development opportunities. Organizing events, working with other parents in your community, and collaborating with school staff is a very fulfilling experience. The on-the-job learning is one you can really only get by doing it.

It allows you to see how things work. By stepping up your involvement in PTA, you get a behind the scenes look at how things run. You get to see how everything comes together, all the programs, fundraisers, and events.

It gives you a voice in how things are done. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Why don’t they do it this way?”-  this is your chance. Share your expertise and ideas. You also have an opportunity to decide what events and programs will take place in the coming year.

It provides opportunities to get to a new level. In my experience, joining the executive board introduced me to the next level of parent leadership, which is the district level. My eyes were opened to how all the schools in the district function, both independently and collectively. I also became involved in discussions about state mandates, budget, health & safety concerns, and more. These were topics not usually discussed in depth at our general PTA meetings.

Your school needs you! I’m assuming your school is like mine. Generally the PTA is comprised of a specific number of active parents who take on many responsibilities, wearing many hats throughout the year and their experience in the school. New members are always welcome and genuinely wanted! With new faces come fresh ideas.

I hope these reasons have inspired you to take the next step and reach beyond your current level of participation in your PTA. There are so many reasons to do so, and it will benefit your child, your school, and YOU!


2 responses to “It’s Time to go for a Leadership Position in Your Parent Association

  • Gwen Pescatore

    Very timely, Lisa! Parent groups are in need of more people. It is also important for those groups to have good representation of the school. Are all circles represented (i.e. families from various socio & economic circles, religions, age of children & learning support classrooms)? Each group has a different set of goals and concerns.

    I would encourage ALL families to get involved as a leader in something at school that you are passionate about – whether or not you are part of the PTA or not. I don’t know of any group that would say no to a family interested in chairing an event/task simply because you don’t hold a board position. It allows you to get your feet wet doing something you are interested in and then it also takes some pressure off of the main core of volunteers/board members…maybe sparking an interest in joining the PTA next year.

    • lisajdavis

      I could not agree with you more! As we look towards the coming year, we have so many positions available. Whether someone chooses to volunteer, chair, takes a board position, or shares ideas for things we haven’t even dreamed of yet, parent input is key for PTA success!

      This ties in so well with your piece on “Private Clubs”. PTA always welcomes volunteers on all levels. Comments, ideas, compliments and even complaints are necessary to keep evolving and meeting the needs of the community as it is always changing. We need to break the stereotype that PTA only includes certain people with certain views. No, no, no. One more no 😉

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