A New Year’s Resolution After All

goalLast night on #arkedchat, the topic was “New Year’s Resolutions in Education”. When Daisy (@DaisyDyerDuerr) asked the question about what resolutions students were making…I responded with the same response I have to all who ask about resolutions….I don’t like them. I prefer goals. For me a resolution is something you only set on January 1st and you either succeed or don’t at reaching them over the course of that year. Goals I can set on any given day I realize I want to change something and can have misses along the way while still striving for the end result.

resolutionsToday though, I am setting a resolution (yes, I know I missed January 1st) after reading about not just one –but two fabulous ideas in blog posts in one day and adding them to the long list of ideas I’ve collected this year that I think are great. My resolution? To make as many of these fab ideas I have come across, realities for my children and our school, as possible because they are not so fab just sitting there as words…and nothing annoys me more than lots of talk with no action. So this is more than a goal…it isn’t just a desired result, it is a firm decision to put action to my words.

Happy New Year!


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