Twitter for Parents in the Eduworld?


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The Journey to Finding Your Voice and Place on Twitter

When I first began my Twitter journey, I was consumed by all the information available. I drank everything in; constantly re-tweeting posts so I could have a record of articles I wanted to read, jumping on every chat that showed up in my feed, and reaching out to authors and other individuals that I had respected from afar. The experience was exhausting, but so worth the late night info binges!

After much time, I feel that I have finally found my Twitter voice. As a parent interested in education, it has been a windy road. Finding a chat that genuinely wants, not just welcomes  a parent’s lens is not a given. There are certainly educators who are not interested in conversing with non-educators.  I may have also brought my baggage with me. I spent just as much time looking up terms in the beginning as I did sharing my thoughts. Cutting through the edu-jargon and acronyms took time.

One thing I had to remind myself as I got more into the Twitter world, which is easy to forget, is that there are people behind those posts. Some are nice, some not so nice.  Some with valuable information to share, some….. And some individuals have agendas that don’t include me or other parents. Twitter is a reflection of the workplace for educators. Some strongly hold on to hierarchies, even antiquated ones. Some really want to change those paradigms and reshape education as a true partnership with not only parents but students as equal players.

All those hours sifting through chats, hastags, and follows, I have found people that really challenge my mind, respect my input, and encourage more interactions. I have found educators who respect parents making the effort to learn more about education. I have found chats that appreciate and seek parent points of view. I am always appreciative of educators who are evolving and refining their perspectives. Those are the people I want to learn with. Those are the people who inspire me to push myself to reach for more.

One of my goals as a Parent Leader has always been giving parents a voice; enabling them to have a seat at the table. Twitter has been an instrumental tool in allowing me to contribute in conversations with teachers and administrators. In order to successfully find your way, you have to hit a few bumps and then pick yourself up and carry on. The journey is part of the prize.

Some of my favorite chats include:

#PTChat, #NYEDchat, #COLChat, #ArkEdChat, #TMSHawkChat, #FinnedChat

This post is dedicated to some truly special educators:

@TonySinanis, @DaisyDyerDuerr, @thomascmurray, @JohnFrtisky, @donald_gately, @timdwalk, @DavidHochheiser

Thank you!


4 responses to “Twitter for Parents in the Eduworld?

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  • Gwen Pescatore

    As we have discussed many-a-time, there will always be those in it for their own good (as with any where in life), but it is important to continue to participate as a parent in all conversations. There are chats (and individuals) that I feel wouldn’t ever think to invite a parent to join, not because they don’t want them – but because they have yet to be a part of a culture where parents and educators work TOGETHER to improve education. How many schools are the parents limited to serving as bake sale hosts and party planners? And when they do get involved in the curriculum piece, it is not to work together to plan, but to oppose a decision already made.

    Just as we try to role model positive behaviors on and off line for our children, I think we also need to serve as role models for how parents can have a seat at the table, not as the enemy, but as a partner. And, hopefully, for those edus not accustomed to working with parents, it opens their mind and they come to value what parents bring to the conversation…and going forward, actively seeking parent participation.

    As always Lis….well done!

  • carriebjackson

    Thanks for a great post and for the #TMSHawkChat shout-out, Lisa! You are a wonderful parent leader, and I’m grateful for the transformation you are helping to bring to the parent/school/community relationship. It truly is a partnership, and we all have to work together to make it a healthy and productive union to support our kids.

    Keep up the GREAT work!!

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