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Recognizing the Unknown Edu-Celebrities

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Just my quick 2 cents…

I have read many posts lately about how there are so many award-worthy educators out there that aren’t connected, that deserve as much recognition as others that are (recently for a particular award ceremony).

I think it’s easy to recognize those using social media because, just as McDonald’s ads keep their Golden Arches fresh in our minds (even if we don’t eat there), so do the names of connected edus and their efforts appearing in our news feeds. I wholeheartedly agree that there are many out there doing amazing work and no one outside of their community or possibly even, building have any idea. But….I think that if we believe that these people are true “rockstars” or “change makers”, then shouldn’t those of us who are connected, be nominating and/or recognizing them when we get the chance?

Just as I am not a fan of showing our loved ones how much we love them only on Valentines’ Day, I don’t think we should limit our efforts in recognizing our heroes in education to award ceremonies. We can recognize them in our school (and community) newspapers, letters, announcements; on our social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter; in our blogs or weekly chats…and anywhere else we have access.

So if you know of an educator whose work and efforts is worthy of sharing….please share. We all love to read positive news.



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