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I’m so fortunate to be the stay-at-home mom of 3 amazing children.  My children range in age from 5 – 12.  ! My passion for Parent-School involvement began 6 ½ years ago when my oldest child began Kindergarten.  I jumped into my school PTA with both feet, joining many committees and attending school meetings.  As the years went by, my involvement grew.  I quickly took on the role of chairperson on various committees within my PTA.  When my son was in 2nd grade and my daughter in Kindergarten, I was asked to join the Executive Board as Executive Vice President with the intention of becoming a co-President after 2 years.  That opened the door to district level meetings with direct access to administrators and our superintendent.  My interest grew by leaps and bounds.  During the transition from VP to President, my experience sparked an interest beyond our district lines.  We spoke often of state mandates and national initiatives.  Then – a pivotal moment in my journey occurred – my principal introduced me to Twitter.  My mind was officially blown!  I was exposed to a whole world of ideas and opinions on issues I had never even heard of!  It was on Twitter, or more specifically #PTChat, where I met Gwen.  We first communicated by DM (direct message).  Our conversations quickly moved to email, as the 140 character maximum just wasn’t cutting it!  We spent many a night discussing the top issues of our schools, our states, our country and world.  We identified quickly as parents who not only want, but feel compelled to be active partners in our children’s educations.  This blog became a natural progression of our conversations and ultimate goal of sharing the information we collect with other parents nationally and internationally!  I am so pleased to embark on this endeavor together.

~Lisa (@lisaodavis)

I’m a wife & mom of 3 kids (ages 5, 8 and 11).  I am actively involved with my children’s school and love learning.

Growing up, my mother was always involved in our school (from chaperoning field trips to serving as director of our ski program).  I never knew anything different.  When I had my children, volunteering and being present at their school or extra-curricular activities was simply something I was “supposed” to do as a parent.  I started out small – attending and lending a hand for class events.  Each year I grew a bit more involved, spending more time volunteering outside of my children’s classrooms.  Six years after my oldest started kindergarten, I am serving as our parent organization’s president and have my own reasons as to why I participate.  It grew from having the freedom of time and the love of seeing the smiles; to enjoying working on events and committees with families who became some of our best friends; to wanting to help improve our school’s family engagement efforts.

November 2011, I attended a Twitter 101 session put on by our principal/school.  Twitter (although I didn’t understand how I would use it at first) quickly opened my eyes to new ideas and perspectives from all over the world.  A year later, I can say it has been one of the main sources for sparking my interest on many topics I never really knew existed a year earlier….and through the weekly #PTchat, where Lisa and I first connected.

Every opinion expressed is through my lens as a parent, from various volunteer experiences, or from what I have learned from others both online and in person.  But I truly believe there is no difference if you are a parent or teacher.  We are all human and want the best for our children.

~Gwen (@gpescatore25)



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